Why love team?

Why “Love Team”? Well, first of all because we deeply love our job, and secondly because love is the beating heart of every single wedding photo and wedding film we create. If you are looking for qualified and creative team for your wedding in Italy, you are in the right place.

We think that the choice of who’s going to tell your story is not about finding the best wedding videographer and photographer in Italy: it’s about finding the one who was meant for you.

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Wedding Photo

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We always keep up to date when it comes to equipment and editing know-how. We want your wedding memories to be first of all a high-quality, authentic reportage.


We give your memories an innovative touch: every detail of the video and photo will reflect your personality and the style of your Italian wedding.


Our work is largely made of emotions: we will tune in with yours, so that we can catch and tell every shade of them in a special way.


“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”: each one of us brings his unique skills and attitude to the team – and to your wedding photos and film.


Born and raised in Italy, we have a deep knowledge of it and we can enhance the value of the location you choose for your celebration.

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